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The Williams-Boyce Agency of Amarillo, Texas was established by George Williams in 1904. Williams was an easterner who came to the Texas Panhandle at beginning of the 20th Century to be near the dry air of the Texas Panhandle and participate in the initial growth of the frontier.

After World War I, John Kirkpatrick Boyce, Senior returned to his hometown of Amarillo, Texas as a war hero (Boyce was awarded a silver star for his gallant service in action). John Boyce was employed by Mr. Williams upon his return and became a partner in 1925. Upon Williams’s death in the 1930’s, Boyce became the managing partner of the business. John Boyce, Sr. served as President of the Texas Association of Insurance Agents (now known as the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas) in 1933.

The City of Amarillo, Texas was founded in 1886. Since that time, Amarillo has witnessed substantial growth in its population and in the number of successful businesses operating in the city.

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